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Restart To Blogging

Over the next few months I hope to discuss various elements from the job its self and it expanding trade.

So without further ado let crack on….


I think its only fair that you all know about me and how I became a landscaper.


Well like a lot of trades from yesteryear sons followed in their fathers foot steps and this was no exception.

I didn’t do massively well in my GCSEs so without a further education to fall into I went to work with dad with a small flutter in between at Woolworths if you can remember the place.

Like all young men I was more interested with hanging around with friends and living for the weekend so I would be lying if I said I picked up the trade straight away.

Back then it was more the odd small patio, fence or driveway, a far cry away from the full garden renovations I do nowadays.

Fast forward a couple of years and I moved on to working with my half brother on the gas network installing new gas mains and services, this only lasted a couple of years due to changing contracts.

So back to work with my father once again.

This time with a bit more experience built into me.

This time round I had a bit more responsibility, actually laying paving and making impactful decisions however it was again short lived as work slowed down causing me to look for work else wear.

During this time I went to work for Ground works charity aptly called ground works then a sealant firm for a short stint then finally found myself back on the gas network once more.


Now the gas network is hard graft, it separates men from the boys.

Long hours in all weathers without the hope of pay to cover all the time you where there.

Being subbies you have to put meter after meter of pipe in the ground to get paid so it can be a long old slog.

During my time there I made some good friends, learnt some great skills and did some great character building.

Due to the nature of the job though, once again contracts were coming to an end and our next glimmer of work was in Liverpool that meant I would have to lodge away and for not much more pay.

Understandably I wasn’t happy, especially given that my fiance and I had just bought our first home together. I did it for a couple of week before I decided I have had enough.


Luckily for me, my life line of a father offered to give me his business while guiding me through the early years.

So here we are 10 years of running my own business.

Its amazing when you look back at what you have done and the things you went through.

I thoroughly believe it makes you who you are and not only that, it prepares you for the future.

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